Truth Spawns

First of all I want to note that I am enjoying the beta quite a bit. I am liking most everything so far. There is one thing I am noticing that may need adjusting. Their are spawn points on Truth in the team towers that leave players open to very rapid obliteration within seconds of spawning with three avenues of possible and very likely attack. I have been doing terribly on Truth as far as performance go and I don’t like getting ragged on by teammates for horrid k/d when I die off spawn because I spawn frequently in an area 20ft from most of the enemy team. I think Empire has it right when it comes to spawns. With all its corridors and such you are never wide open to have your head blown off before you can even gain your bearings after spawn. On Truth I can’ count how many times I have been run though seconds after spawning by a passing wielder of Prophet’s Bane. I have no problem with the weapon itself.

Truth needs to spawn players with some semblance of safety. This could be done through a system of player detection with each spawn point or a spawn on ally function like reach. Spawning players in high vulnerability areas is a good way to feed a lot of kills to the other team causing matches to become incredibly unfair. It is spawn killing to say the least. Midship has been a very open map since Halo 2 but with the new mechanics that make navigating the map much different, the same setup of spawns no longer works as the player is to vulnerable from a thruster pack dash from the prophets bane spawn let alone anywhere on the bridge for that matter. The map is still fun to play on but I don’t feel it plays as well as Empire does due to its set up of spawn points. The matches on Truth that I have played seem like one team always gets butchered by a large margin whereas matches are closer on Empire. I think Truth has the potential to be a really good map if the spawns are tweaked to allow players to spawn safely rather than in the line of fire from the get go with DMRs and Battle rifles being plentiful on the map. Grenade spawn in the towers is also a easy way for teams to mop up easy kills on spawn because the player can’t really react because they just spawned. This is only the top portion of red and blue tower that is an issue. I suggest an energy shield over the middle entry way that protects players in the bases so that one cannot camp on the bridge and get easy spawn kills on their opponents team. The sides and lower level access ways would still be wide open but cross map camping would be denied. The energy shield in the mid doorway would allow players to get their bearings and at least try and contribute to the match without it being as a feed to the enemy. I have gone 5-17 or so on Truth matches because of the vulnerability in the towers due to the new mechanics. Old maps being remastered have to have the new mechanics accounted for in all things to keep it balanced from generation to generation.