Trust My Mentality

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Trust My Mentality​:smiling_imp::alien::space_invader::gun:
“nothing was gave to us we earned it all”
Trust My Mentality is the name, Halo 5 is the game. We are a company that is becoming more powerful by the days go by. We have a set code for colors also positions set for certain people. I am the First Lieutenant of the Company if you haven’t knew or heard about me. I’m a cool gamer and I take Halo 5 serious. This is a company of trust, dedication, loyalty, and hardwork. We just grinding for those armors and the respect. I can’t stop grinding for my company I’m gone go hard for mine​:muscle::muscle:. We have ups and we have downs but we gone go through the process as one . We are a team, we will achieve what most think is impossible. The more we play and know each other weaknesses the better we will become. (We want loyalty we are building a empire)
Rules to joining

  1. You need to be active on Halo 5 (Minimum 4 hours a week)
  2. Need to have a positive K/D ratio
  3. Must have stats
  4. Active on way point
  5. Before I accept you we must play a few games before you join
  6. Must change your badge an tag
    Note to self
     I don’t care about stats that means nothing if you don’t play with me or the Company we need to be organized. Also if a Company Leader (Trust My Squad) or Sargeant, Lieutenant, gives a order it needs to be done. Not respecting our leader or even a solider of the company can get you removed. Also I recruit those who show me effort for the Company.
     Never leave a Company member out to die alone. If you are in a game play in a team of 2 or 3 never go out by yourself. Also check cross fire, we don’t need nobody in corners taking us out and we don’t know where he is. Teamwork is the key and 2 is better than one.
     If you join the Company introduce yourself to members let them know your in the company and you wanna play, I expect us to play as one(daily). If you don’t play with the company daily you will be removed immediately. We operate the company as a family and friends so we need to communicate.
     If your interested in obtaining your Oynx I will hold training sessions for what ever skills you need help with. I can show you a few pointers to the game. Only Company members. (I help those who help themselves, no tag alongs.)
     I am building a hitsquad for the MatchMaking Playlist. It’s going to be a 10 person squad. HALO 5 offers different game types and I’m more of the competitive type. I will have a squad leader position open for grabs also. The position will be earned and not given away.The team will consist of 10 ppl. Including the squad leader. If you interested give a shout or message so we can get it started. I put everything to the side beside work and life for Halo so I don’t leave messages just sitting around. You invite me I’m gone play. I love to see my Company members achieve what I have with the stats and rank. I’m willing to help my fellow members . I’m looking for players who Diamond​:gem::gem:. Platinum players are also welcome, if your platinum your goal is to be diamond. If your below platinum some things mite still work out for you. (Gold, Silver, Unrank.) You need to complete a 10 game qualifing match with me.) 9 games of matchmaking and a 1v1 against me to 10 kills. Defeating me in a 1v1 will get you your name up In the company but it ain’t easy :sunglasses:. The position will be earned and not given away.
     When in matchmaking stick together ( 2 man team ) front-back, left-right
     Controll crossfire we don’t need kills coming from people we don’t know where they at.
     Never run out in the open alone
     Communicate before you die. One shot on my X only goes so far when that death could have been avoided
     No quiting (2 quits and your out) Our looses will help our skills we not gone win them all but we’re aiming for majority
     If 3 games ends in a defeat a training will start. (IMMEDIATELY)
    “Practice make perfect if you do not put in no work you won’t eat”

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