TrueSkill Rank

Is it just me or just winning seem a little unfair to raise your rank. If I go 30 Kills and 0 Death’s and my team decides to feed and go 1 kill 25 death’s. I think you should be to rank up still if your KD ratio is positive. Even if you still lose

There are compelling arguments to made for having ranks based on team performance. There are also compelling arguments for having ranks based on personal performance. The current team performance system has one thing definitely in its favor, and that is simplicity. Trying to create a system that judges both kinds of performance, team and personal, would probably be considered overly complex and not transparent enough. And how would you decide how to weight the different performance criteria? And any time you use personal performance as a metric you run the risk of undermining the entire concept of teamwork, a concept which the creators of the game consider to be the bedrock of Halo multiplayer. Personally, I’d have a system that ranked exclusively on individual performance, but if everyone played this game the way I do then I doubt very much that you would even recognize what you were playing. So what do I know?

It should be a pretty easy interface

  • If you win you get a certain amount of points to toward ranking up(TrueSkill) - If KD/Point system. The higher your overall KD/Point system the more points you get toward you TrueSkill Rank.

I would consider KDA a good indication of a players true skill