Trueskill matching needs a fix

Alright, I’m not the type of person to get upset by changes to a game or by any perceived “flaws” that exist in a system the way it was designed. For example, maybe the DMR is overpowered, maybe its not. It hasn’t been gamebreaking for me, so I don’t care that much.

However, while I readily admit that it seems as though I’m not as good at H4 as I was at previous Halo games, I feel that the way I match with people does not reflect that. The matching system seems to be continually punishing me for doing well the first few days by matching me with players that are way better than me. I checked K/D ratios in my last game, for example, and it seemed everybody was approaching a K/D of 2.5 or 3.0, which doesn’t bode well for me and my measley 1.2.

Overall, I think the game is great and the new additions give an interesting twist to the classic formula. However, any game in which I think: “I hope I suck in this match so that the next match is more even” is inherently flawed. Does anybody agree or have any thoughts?

I am terrible at this one and I have indeed noticed this.

If you don’t use the DMR then obviously you are doing something wrong…

To get something to work with:

what playlist do you play?
what was your playstyle in H:R / H3 and what is your playstyle in this game?
what was your K/D in H:R and your highest skill in H3?

Personally, I went from 1.49 K/D in H3 to 1.9 in Reach and now sitting on a 2.3 K/D with almost 3.0 K/D in slayer. It seems odd if you’ve gone down and not up, unless you’re hitting your 80s or 90s…

Ha. Trueskill. Sure.

I played a game the other day where I went +5. My teammates? -2, -10, and -12.