"True Sangheili" by Wolverfrog - Audiobook

Wolverfrog is a Bungie.net member who has been writing a Sangheili-oriented, Halo fanfiction over on the same site for close to some two years now, I believe.

As an ode to his work, I created an audiobook imagination of his first two chapters a number of weeks ago.

Chapter 01
Chapter 02

All of the voiceovers and mixing are my own.

It’s a very interesting story, and if you are into fanfictions, I’d suggest you check out his work.

You know, I found the audio clips to be very interesting. After listening to both of them. I imagined myself as one of these Sangheili warriors and what it is like to fight as one. This is good work, keep it up. Also send my regards to Wolverfrog. I wish him luck with his fanfiction story :slight_smile: