True halo fans stop complaining

I mean why cant you be satisfied 343 gave us global battles, arbiter, bigger battles, new multiplayer mode with ai 24 players, buck, scarab type of things aka boss battles, new varients of unsc vehicles, more promethean classes even a gunship you get to drive, more locations, fireteam commands, blue team, fighting alongside elites, Easter eggs and collectables, free DLC and the list goes on I’m satisfied this is looking like its gonna destroy halo 3 and 4

Some people are never happy.

Here we go again with the “true Halo fan” nonsense. Why can’t “true Halo fans”, whether it be those who support 343i or are against them, just understand that other people have had different experiences with Halo and thus have different opinions as to what the future should hold?

God forbid people have a different opinion than you.

Just reported and now move on.
Complain complainers are the worst.