How do I find screenshots on the new website?!?! Help!

Good evening.

In order to find your screenshots with the new Halo Waypoint website, (Upload your preferred pictures to your File Share to gain easier access to them)you first must goto games in the upper left hand corner of the website, then scroll down to Halo 4. Click Service record and let the page load. The look for the button that says ‘More Stats’. Click that and wait for the page to load your expanded stats. Once loaded, look at the lower left hand of your screen. You should see a menu, the next to bottom one looking like a folder that says ‘File Browser’. Click it. Once the page loads, you should notice on the upper right side of your screen that says ‘View Your Fileshare’. Click it and you’ll have access to anything you actively have on your fileshare, including photos.

Hope this helps and have a good night now.