Trouble with forge...

<h2>Hey, I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this but I just got halo reach and made a custom map, but for some reason every time i’d respond in custom games mode i would instantly die… I have respond areas, and regular respond points but it will send me to parts of the map that i didn’t put respond points, and every time I die it says i fell to my death even though the respond points are all on the ground and it doesn’t show me falling… also i made the map for capture the flag but when i go to custom games it dosen’t let me play anything but slayer… Why does this keep on happening?..

We had this same problem. If you don’t make a “safe spawn area” you will die instantly. Basically you don’t have any boundaries to your map yet. Go to spawning and set the safe area. You will see hard and soft. Hard means if you cross that boundary you die, soft means you will just hit an invisible wall.

Also, to make the safe zones really huge (starts at like 3.0) you can make it smaller until it wraps back to 100.9.

Hope that helps!

I’ve tryed this and I have the same problem as the first guy but I can’t make an infection game if I do this… I’m making a Shark Attack map and I can’t spawn safely. There is no ‘Safe Spawn Area’ item only Safe Areas (Don’t want for I can’t kill) and Spawn Areas (Anti and Weak Respawn Zones!) I could really use your help and the information so far is very pleasing but I still can’t play.
XBL Gamertag: Caro1000000 (If you want to help me in game)