Trouble unlocking Helioskrill amor.

After about a week or two, I was able to complete all Master Chief Collection halo campaigns on Legendary, but for some reason the “Legend” “War Hero” and " Veteran" achievements are not unlocking in my account. My console tells me I have 100% completed those three achievements but it is still locked. I’ve contacted Xbox Support and went through long process to get this fixed but no luck. It’s been almost a week that the achievements haven’t unlocked, I’ve checked my Halo:Master Chief Collection service record on halowaypoint and for every campaign in the game it has the legendary emblem completed icon, but since I can’t get the achievement to unlock, I cannot obtain Helioskrill Amor. I am really bummed out how I’ve spent so much hours and so many deaths (mostly Halo 1) in each of those campaigns that when I finally complete them all I receive nothing. I’ve even done some missions over again to see if anything would happen but no. All I want is the Helioskrill armor 343 Industries. Please check my service record or anything that could help unlock this armor. If I was able to upload pictures of my console saying the achievements are 100% I would. I’ve tried everything with xbox support and they haven’t helped, you guys are my last hope.

lol on your leaf service leaves you have not played halo tmcc Buuug
if you did campaigns with skulls do not get achievements

It finally unlocked after 8 months…