Trouble Joining FIREFIGHT Matchmaking games and other co-op playlists

I choose the FIREFIGHT playlist, select start matchmaking, and that works, but it never joins a game it always just stays searching for one and never joins, same with campaign matchmaking, any suggestions?

I’m new to XboxLive and i have NO idea how to do this. Is there a howto section of this forum?

who knows there might be, but if there is i haven’t found it yet

Do you have a 4 GB hardrive? If so, you can’t play co op campaign or firefight with other people.

well, i think i have 15 GB hardrive

because i have some of the memory filled and it says i have 12.9 GB free, any more suggestions?

Try a 16 GB flash drive on your xbox. That is the only thing left to do that I can think of.

kk, thanks, and if any one else has suggestions all ears