Trouble in Terrorist Town should be in Halo 4

If anyone doesn’t know about Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT) stop what your doing right now and look it up(you should start with Seananners on YouTube.) Is it just me or do other people think that a gametype much like TTT would be awesome. I personally don’t have an amazing computer for gaming, but if it were on a game like Halo 4, ran by Microsoft I believe the experience would improve greatly.

P.S. I can’t really reply or talk that often because, I’m typing this on an xbox, and I don’t get to play that often.

You’re typing this on the xbox? That’s gotta be painful.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure there was a TTT custom game back in Halo 3, and I know I attempted to do one in reach. I don’t think it’s currently possible with the basic custom options, simply because an enemy will always show up as an enemy, and there isn’t any way to set up detectives.

Now, there may be other ways to do it but we’re not allowed to talk about those on the forums, unfortunately. I also can’t see 343i doing this, although it would be neat if they would.

On another note, the Hidden and Slendermen have been done for Halo 4 if you want to check those out.

TTT IMO won’t work unless it is on GMod that is what game it was for and I think it should stay there. People would find more enjoyment playing it on the game it was originally intended for. I would be playing it now while I wait for GTA 5 but my PC’s Video card is shot.

What Garry should do is bring GMod to Xbox One and so we can have TTT on the next gen console.

I think it would be an awesome gametype for Action Sack.

While I think it is a bit of a stretch to ask for TTT in Halo 4 (or Halo Xbox One, for that matter), the thought of Halo TTT intrigues me…