Trouble Accessing Waypoint Forums

I’ve been having trouble getting on these forums whenever I need to re-authenticate. Not just when I need to put in my password, but it seems like any time my session has expired. To get here, I have to jump through hoops.

I have to go to the community tab, click on a recent post, hit sign in (don’t have to actually type anything in, though, it remembers my pass), and then go on as normal. Alternatively, I can go to, (re)sign-in, and then type in

Jumping through all these hoops just to get on the forums is quite a pain. If the web team could find and fix whatever causes this, it’d be much appreciated. A quick google search shows I’m not the only one experiencing these issues.

I’m using Google Chrome, if it helps.

It is a known issue. Things will be better soon. Clear your Cache/Cookies and remember to log-out and you should be good to go. Also try going to sign in there then come here. Again things will get better soon. New forums are on the way.