What is the biggest troll you have ever ran into in a match? Just the person that empties their ammo into a teammates face (from personal experience), or something worse?

Taking sniper and jump in the dead - classic

There was once a guy who kept spawnkilling us in Grifball…
…and he was on my team…

Probably the kid who threw four grenades at my Gauss hog…because it was originally his Gauss hog lolololol

There are people that trash talk their own team, kill them, use them for REQ’s, and will even try to get them killed if they call out a high level REQ so that they can have it instead.

Dude who killed me while I was holding the flag when our own flag was away. I let it slide and got the flag back myself after, giving him a flag capture.

I had a Nornfang and a teammate splattered me with a Ghost, got out, and used it.

I used to troll hard in Halo Reach when I played with friends and didn’t care.

Would play CTF and drive the warthog, pick up the guy with the flag. Then drive it off the edge, and jetpack to safety.

Got Hatemail 10/10 times.

I used to be such a child/drink too much.

I trolled myself.
I spawned into a FF, turned around and got ran over by a warthog. I vowed revenge. Respawned with a ghost, to run that jerk over, but missed. He then got a wasp that lasted a few rounds. I Waited the whole game in the fortress watching his tag sway in the sky, meanwhile i’m hiding from enemies so I could run him over in the last round (30sec respawn). He gets taken down by warden pretty quick, and promptly spawns into a banshee. My plotting took a dump all over me.

Game gets won, I had 0 kills and got the minimum rewards.

Then i’m like, what about these other games where all 8 of us try really hard and lose, this time I did nothing and we won, like wtf?

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> Just the person that empties their ammo into a teammates face?

Sounds about right.