Trolli Promotion Products popping up around the US already

Just found a bag at the gas station by my house. Will update as soon as the promo page goes live.

Is Halo Infinite being promoted via Trolli or something?

Yes, In game rewards and a grand prize drawing.


Would absolutely rock a gummy worm style weapon or armor coating. But will probably be an emblem or weapon charm. Either way definitely going to scoop

Current speculation is a set of AR and Sidekick skins that match the controller.

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If the leaks are correct, the coating is Scorpion Punch, but the body is deep blue with a red arm, almost like a pink and blue Trolli gummy worm

Also make sure that you’re grabbing the NEW Halo gummies, not the old Xbox Game Pass ones with Halo or Destiny on them

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Thanks for sharing this!

Halo promos always US exclusive these days

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My gas station has Very Berry Sour Brite Crawlers with the promo. You need the receipt though which I forgot to ask for so I gotta go back and buy more

Not the worst thing to have to get more of.

I love me some Trolli’s!

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I never would have thought that I would be watching a bunch of fans get stoked to get a gummy worm themed skin for Halo.

We’re you not around for pizza/fry themed skins in H5?

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I miss how H5 had unique skin patterns. The skin we get in infinite will probably just be flat colors

Not sure why somebody reacted to my comment above with a bait react, but looking at the bag, that’s definitely Scorpion Punch but with a cloudy blue body instead of gray. You will probably barely notice a difference between the Coatings

I personally would have rather had it be bright blue with a pink arm, like the gummy worm

Haha no, I was one of many who simply opted out of Halo 4 and 5 soon after release.

343 do like to do some stupid stuff. It is hilarious looking in the MCC at all the -Yoink!- bungie cosmetics and then literally every single stupid piece of childish crap is 343 era.

Promo is now live. Rewards are 2x XP boost and 3x challenge swaps. Don’t bother.

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WAIT A MINUTE THATS IT ??? That is all you get !!! ??

Xp boost and challenge swaps is not promotional material.