Trojan invites.

It has happened several times to myself and one or two of my mates particularly in war zone. At the end of a war zone match particularly if your team won or you were a thorn in the enemies side and invite appears to join a war zone group.
Only when you accept it you’re sat in an idle group with the sole intention to remove you from the game.
Has anyone else experienced this?

I have, only it has happened in Arena. Won game pretty comfortably, game invite sent to me, I join, and everyone else just leaves, including host after 5 minutes. It just seemed like they were doing it for the laugh rather than actually wanting to pair up with you. Now if anyone sends me an invite after a game I just ignore it or immediately dismiss it in the Xbox’s notification system in the guide. I think it is fair to say I had learnt my lesson. But no, never had it in Warzone surprisingly.

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I’ve always ignored invts from randoms. They’re always too much trouble and just annoying