Tripmine grunts are good?

I’ve been using a strat with Colony recently which involves upgraded grunts. I used them back in Season 1, but after the initial Atriox nerfs I stopped. But I think they can still be viable. In one of the games I played, I engaged a group of marines and flamethrowers and killed all of them just by throwing the mines directly under them. Then you can just roll up to the enemy base, throw the mines in front of it, and Colony drop. I played ten games using this strat and only lost the first one because I played like -Yoink- and let the guy get up an expo and 5 shield gens on me. Here are the games.

So… Are mine grunts actually good?

If there are no detection units then yes.
Or be like me and drop lotus mines on top of the enemy, ensuring a .07 second distraction.

I’ve seen with decent success preemptively planning your engagements by blocking up a choke points with mines and then baiting enemy armies to chase you straight into them.