Tried replaying Halo CE - Xbox One - Serious Error

The xbox controls are completely messed up. None of the controller layouts, especially default, have ABXY doing anything. Seriously, the buttons for ABXY are completely blank on the default controls. Jump, action/reload, switch weapons are all on the dpad and ABXY are blank. They do nothing. Plus even pressing the start button completely removes all sound from the game. I played campaign roughly a year ago and none of this was the case. Please fix the game! Idk if it has to do with PC releases, but from all I’ve checked so far, CE’s campaign is completely unplayable on xbone right now.

That all sounds incredibly bizarre, I’ve never seen or heard of anything like that. Are you sure you didn’t accidentally swap your D-Pad and face buttons? It’s and option under the controls tab labeled “D-Pad and Buttons”. If that’s not it try resetting your controls to default (press Y). If nothing else you could try the support forum or submitting a ticket on the support website (linked at the top of this page).

This Sounds like a control glitch, Halo CE isn’t broken for me, I was just playing it. Thereis also no setting that matches what you are saying, so I definitely would recommend posting in the Support forum like Sparrow279 said.