Tried Raven in AU

Hey all. I’m currently in Australia and I came across the arcade game. Got a game card and sat down for a play of it. I must say I wasn’t impressed. However I remember being really impressed by the star wars arcade game years ago and that’s pretty much what this is. You just aim and shoot. You don’t control where you go, or what weapons you use. I don’t know why that star wars arcade game was so much more engaging for me, but I guess it may be my age or something. I didn’t do the phone linking thing, and I didn’t quite make it to the end of the last mission because I didn’t want to toss more money into it. Also the health of the enemies seems to vary drastically. Sometimes the grunts fall to like 3 ar bullets, and sometimes you need to burn like a third of a clip into them. As far as I could tell shooting things in the head or shooting the jackals in the hand didn’t do anything. Didn’t kill them quicker, or make them drop their shields. There were no bonus points. All the different guns basically functioned the same. IDK was I the only one here that was very meh about the whole thing? Any ideas why I enjoyed a similar star wars game so much more in the past? Could Raven be better?

I’m sorry to hear you weren’t impressed. Halo Fireteam Raven is your typical arcade shooter with a Halo themed skin. It reminded me quite a bit of Time Crisis. I thought it was a fairly solid game and alot of fun to play. I’m not sure how things are down in Australia at the location you were in but the locations here in the US, the games are half price on Wednesday at Dave and Busters so instead of 9 credits, its 4.4 credits. It’s much easier on the wallet and makes it feasible to completely play through the game once or twice

Yeah I don’t know why exactly, but I was actually bored through most of the game. Again it seems strange to me, because I loved similar games in the past. I should try another arcade shooter sometime and see if I feel bored with it too. Like maybe my tastes have changed without me noticing until now.