Tried Halo 3 Again...

And it is freaking awesome! I was playing Halo 4 since launch but every time I did, I felt like I was forcing myself to enjoy it. With Halo 3 however, everything just seems…right. I’m not saying that everyone should drop 4 and go back to 3 but it surprised me how much more fun I was having in general.

I really like 3’s weapons, equipment and (for the most part) maps. The only thing stopping me from popping that disc in and playing more often is the awful netcode running the game. Other than that, though, yeah - that game is full of awesome.

I think Halo 3 is nothing but awesome, even though I only played multiplayer (I got MP disc with Halo 3: ODST). I really liked maps and skill system. Only things that annoyed me a little were non-impressive look and sound of the weapons (AR sounded little bit like a popcorn popping in microwave :P)and some unbearable people.

I can’t wait for Halo 3 Anniversary in 2017 :slight_smile:

I played last night in BTB. Forgot how much fun this game was.

Reach is usually full of frustrations these days, namely armor abilities.
I popped in Halo 3 tonight, and it was loads and loads of fun!
I always think twice before popping in that Reach disc.

Just picked this up today, it’s a lot of fun! I just need to get the maps so I can play other game types other than Lone Wolves and Team Slayer :stuck_out_tongue: