Trick to get H:I sens more like your MCC sens

TL;DR: Drop your sensitivity scale to get more granular sensitivity.


Just a little trick that helped me, and might help you. Apologies for weird formatting of links.

Found out, while using mouse-sensitivity dot com, that the MCC and Infinite’s sensitivities don’t match up properly: see how the pixel ratio and pixels/count are not lined up between the two games: imgur dot com/L5dPlsL

When I dropped the sensitivity scale to as low as it can be without needing more DPI, the new sensitivity was much closer to the MCC’s imgur dot com/TEKgRLQ
To try this yourself, use the site, punch in your configuration, and then start decreasing the “sensitivity 1” for Infinite 0.1 by 0.1, until it tells you that you’d need more DPI, then go back up the lowest number that doesn’t have that error. That “sensitivity 1” is the sensitivity scale in-game, and the “mouse sensitivity” is the same. The site only shows the horizontal for “sensitivity 1”, but you can set both the the same in-game.

My on site settings
imgur dot com/TEKgRLQ

Look like this in-game
imgur dot com/xoMVWhq.


Try it, and see if it feels more natural!


Note: Your mileage may vary. May not be compatible with your particular Sens+DPI combo. Terms and conditions apply. See in-store for details. While stocks last.