Tribute To Flordia Shooting In Custom Games

on February 14th, 2018, a man went into a high school in Flordia and took the lives of 17 innocent people. This tragic event shook Flordia, and now we need to pay our respects. at 10:00am, Feb 18th, 2018 PT, put your guns down and join a custom game to pay your respects to the 17 people who died in the school shooting. Grab your energy sword, break down the Covenant energy barriers until your sword runs out of energy, and go to the grave stones and pay your respects. Once you leave, I ask you one thing. The next game you play, the next good thing you do, do it for the 17 souls that passed away that day. Stay Strong Spartans.

P.S: Tomorrow I will also be posting a video on Youtube for this tribute, here is the link to my channel so you can watch the tribute. I am not doing this to gain views, I am doing this to show that I care about those people. Here is the link: