Trials mode with your own Spartan 4 idea

PvE content discussion. What if we get to fight Multiple Bosses alone or with a team of 4 in the House of Reckoning an other places. Imagine taking on Zeretas() (Brute chief with tracking rockets) an Myriad() (Hunter officer ) teamed up together. Mythic Legendary Heroic Bosses an squads of enemies. With Skull modifiers. Ninja Gaiden has a similar endgame content where players can challenge the NPCs. This game already has good Bots like HW2. The stages might get popular like Raids in MMORPG titles or Warzone from Halo 5. Does this suggestion sound better then firefight or Warzone to anyone.

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or Firefight, which we used to have before spartan ops happened. then kinda returned in 5.

Extra content is usually always a boon. Spartan Ops was fun for a while I liked some of the missions. There was no rewards or incentive for replaying the missions outside of the achievements an the difficulty. I think H5 Warzone had fared better.

I’d honestly love for any MP PvE content.

I’d personally love for spartan ops to return featuring our MP spartans.

But I wouldn’t be opposed to this either, the house of Reckoning segment was pretty enjoyable, Minus those god-awful murderous hunters, but that’s part of the challenge.

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Spartan Ops was freight with a story mode for the most part, at least thats how it was viewed as, I do believe both can exist in a form of “sandbox horde mode” & “narrative scenarios for the MP Spartan”, since like halo 4, the MP spartan has become canonised into Halo’s world again.

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I’m just thinking of PvE content that may have high replay value that players may want to come back to after weeks or months of inactivity.