Triad connected to ancient humans?

“Multiple lives, transcendence, the end of the universe.”

“Unification through disentanglement. A glorious unbecoming. Freedom from the quivering vessels of self we’ve clung to for so long. Do not fear these events. Do not fear their power. For as the world’s shake, we are inevitably arriving at the precipice of existence. The edge of a metaverse that is awakening for us. As we who have only known the night are about to bear witness to the first dawn. That is the advent of the third life and I find myself humbly bestowed with a genetic imperative to release your fear. To help you step lively from the edge into ascendance. The spiritual genocide that awaits those who do not open their eyes, the abyss beneath them, I cannot bear. This is only the beginning.”

Dasc Gevadim might sound crazy but when you consider the lore we know, he might be on to something. First we have “multiple lives” which could be a reference to the fact humanity did have a past life 100,000 years ago. The Librarian also refers to the Forerunner’s own quest for transcendence, which the Composer was supposed to provide. Now when you consider the fact that Ancient Humans “transcended” when they were composed, you can see why they preach transcendence.

“Freedom from the quivering vessels of self we’ve clung to for so long.” This could indicate the fact that those “transcended” humans were imprisoned within devolved human shells and they’re finally looking to free themselves from these shackles and reclaim the Mantle which they believe rightfully belongs to them. The Awakening of the Guardians could have spurred the Ancient Human “old spirits” inside of certain humans who now recognize the signs and know that humanity’s trial is at hand. The Primordial said it would happen and they know this. “The edge of a metaverse that is awakening for us”

It’s possible he isn’t aware of any “old spirit” in his head, although he does say that he was “humbly bestowed with a genetic imperative to release your fear.” This could be an indication he is aware he’s being guided by an unknown influence, such as a human imprint or possibly a Forerunner Geas. While I lean towards Ancient Human, I wouldn’t rule Librarian influence out. An “old spirit” makes sense though because after his speech, Fero wondered if he had intel on these things. Perhaps the “old spirit” knows of the Guardians and is filling him in on the details? A cult leader claiming to hear the voice of “god” and carrying out his will wouldn’t exactly be out of place.

Before this he mentions “That is the advent of the third life” What does this mean exactly? Well consider this:

First life = Ancient Humanity
Second life = Modern Humanity
Third life = Evolution

As Doctor Halsey says in the beginning of Halo 4, the Spartan’s are our genetic destiny as a species and not only is the Master Chief a Spartan, but he actually has his evolution accelerated by the Librarian while on Requiem. John-117 is now the personification of our Third Life.

We also have to take all the Christian allegories found throughout Halo into consideration. During his speech, Gevadim uses the term “Advent” which is a term that represents the arrival of Christ. If you’ve been paying attention to all the biblical allegories in Halo, you’ll see that Chief can be considered analogous to Christ. Gevadim is basically talking about the arrival of our next life and Chief as a Christ figure already represents what humanity will become because his evolution has been accelerated.

The Triad’s beliefs also reference the end of the world, which is described in the book of Revelation or “The Apocalypse of John”. In Revelation 11:7 it is said that “Now when they have finished their testimony, the beast that comes up from the Abyss will attack them,and overpower and kill them”. In the Forerunner Saga the Primordial is described as a “Beast” several times and it literally rises from a pit on Charum Hakkor in order to wage war against the Galaxy. The Primordial is physically gone now, but the “Beast” most likely references the return the Flood, which the Primordial promised 100,000 years ago.

Gevadim says that there is an abyss beneath them and those who do not open their eyes and see what is coming will experience spiritual genocide. I’d say he means those people will be consumed by the Flood if they do not recognize the threat it posses. It is humanity’s time to evolve and face the Flood, or else be consumed by them and perish.

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