Tremont Square - Urban BTB map with subway

Tremont Square started out as a simple platform that is what is now top mid called “ciudad” and I suppose I just went into forging the map knowing I wanted to create an immersive urban environment. I didn’t want to create something that represented a more fictional city, but rather something akin to real life urban environments. Drawing somewhat on the geometry of Battle of Noctus, I feel like I’ve accomplished my goal.
The subway tunnel is something I knew I wanted to be an important part of the map early on. I’m rather happy with how it turned out because it maintains a level of infantry-vehicle combat that is found on the rest of the map, while not feeling like a completely segregated part of the map. It’s rather handy for CTF as well.
The map is technically asymmetric, but rather functionally symmetric. The pathing is slightly different on either side, but functionally, especially in relation to the middle, the map plays rather symmetrically. Hence why CTF is one of the gametypes I’ve designed the map for.
Take a gander, hop on with 15 of your closest friends, shoot your friends, have fun.
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