Trash Talkers...

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I don’t understand, why do people insist on trash talking to their heart’s content, only for it to backfire on them. Most people these days are full of talk, but no action.

Take a look at this [Link removed by a moderator] and his team of loud mouths.

Now take a look at this game.

They lost and we skunked them hard. So much for the number 1 for Invasion kills if his team of tryhards can’t hold off a group of randoms. It’s sad and funny at the same time.

They are displaying a demeanor that they are unable to in their real life without having their head dunked in a toilet. The anonymous nature of the internet and online gaming allows people to act and speak in a way that they would not if you were standing in front of you.

For instance, I have been called every sort of insulting name under the sun on forums, at 225/6ft tall, this is generally not peoples conduct in my presence.

Try and think of it this way, those that talk the most trash online are most likely the least able to conduct themselves out in the real world in such a way.

That’s the power of being anonymous: People will talk crap because they can. It’s that simple.

Me? I just have the privacy settings so that everyone is muted and trash talk messages can’t be sent my way. It’s not a bad thing if most randoms don’t use mics anyways, no loss for me.

I don’t trash talk. I let my DMR do the talking.

I’m not one for trash talking, nor do I have any intention of doing so, but it’s kinda pointless if you can’t back it up.

If it does backfire, they normally resort to the last thing trash talkers tend to do, send you offensive messages, saying you cheated, hacked, etc. It’s real sad what anonymity can do to you.

lol 100 days of game play.
That guy got his -yoink!- kicked in highschool for being a super nerd, so now he insists on talking trash over the Xbox Live because he knows he won’t get his -yoink!- kicked.
Basically, he’s the definition of no-life.

I play Invasion reguarly, and I’ve played against G R A V I T Y several times. He is not a terrible player, but he’s not nearly as good as his record would have you believe. On multiple occasions he has quit out of the game immediately after being outshot by me or another player (“rage quits,” as it were).

A record like his is the result of long hours sitting in games and hoping you don’t die, not skill. Invasion, quite honestly, is the best playlist that you can play if you just want to have fun getting a ridiculous amount of kills with very little chance of dying. I play Invasion (without a full party, just me) and regularly go 5:1 or 6:1 in games. I don’t consider myself to be a great player, just a halfway decent player who has chosen to take advantage of the fact that there is an entire playlist where 95% of the population at any given time is ridiculously poor at this game. He is the same, only he has a full party of like-minded people watching his back, which makes it that much easier.

In this particular instance the trash talking probably stems from a desire to hear some hollow sentiment about how bad he “trashed da randys” in a game; however, knowing full well that no one cares about his meager accomplishments, he is forced to provide that sentiment on his own in the form of trash talk. I hope that he considers the sound of his own voice ringing in an otherwise silent game lobby to be an ample reward for the days of precious life he’s wasted attempting to gain a title that has no meaning anywhere but on an obscure Halo stats tracking site.