Transparency Regarding Ban Length and Reason

I played my last match of Halo Infinite (Arena:Oddball on Streets → Score: 70-200) at 01/26/22 08:37. The following day (yesterday), I logged on to Halo Infinite around 5PM ACDT and I was met with the message ‘‘User is Banned.’’ I remember, I did not disconnect from that last match. As of 4:35PM ACDT I’m still banned. I’ve submitted a support ticket, but I’m worried that considering it took Halo Support 1 month to deal with my last ticket, I will never find out the duration of my ban or the reason why it was enforced. I am a level 100 on the Reach Battlepass, and level 7 and 16 on the limited time events Cyber Showdown & Tenrai Fractures respectively with 682 matchmade games (mostly with my mates). I’m not trying to ‘reach out’ or ‘intimidate’ Halo Support by making this post; I just wish there was more transparency regarding bans. For example, if someone were to be banned in the future, it would show a timer indicated when they are expected to be unbanned (like Warframe) and the reason the ban was enforced on the user. I love the Halo community… :frowning:


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