Transitioning... Offline

Hi, I’m getting a message on the top right saying “Transitioning” and after around 20s it turns into “Offline, 0ms”. I can sign in just fine and see my profile as level 1 but can’t access Multiplayer tab or the Shop. Does anyone know what to do in this situation? Thanks!

Just noticed this in the flight invitation -

"Matchmaking services will only be available during the set play sessions listed below for the weekend. Training Mode and Weapon Drills will be available throughout the flight, but please know that you will not be able to matchmake outside of the coordinated play sessions. You may also find this information on the Content & Play Sessions thread."

Thanks, but this was during the flight time.

Same problem on day 2. Just says offline on the top right after transitioning for a while. Also going to my profile it says “Status, Online: In a Custom Game - Duck Hunt lakjakl, Privacy: Closed, Players: 1/100”. Any ideas?

Day 3 same problem, hope this issue can be resolved on release…