Transferring Stats To A New Spartan Company

I am currently a member of a long dead Spartan company. If I choose to leave that company and form my own, will my gameplay stats reset or carry over?

Apologies of this has been discussed in a previous post. I looked for one related to this topic, but couldn’t find one.

You will keep your individual stats but your commendation progress will sadly stay with your previous company. Here is the question answered in the Spartan Companies FAQ.

> If I leave a company, what happens to both mine and the Company’s commendation progress?
> When you leave a Spartan Company, your progress stays with the Company. Once you join a new Spartan Company, your stats will contribute towards their commendation progress. While you belong to no Spartan Company, your stats contribute to no one and that’s just selfish. The Company itself is making progress on Commendations and when rewards are unlocked, they are distributed to all current members regardless of seniority or contribution level.