Transfer REQ Pack codes to family member

Hello Support,

I have recently bought the Halo 5 Xbox 1 pack and have some REQ Packs that have now been redeemed. I did this using my xbox live profile and now my son is upset because he can’t open them. I did not realize they were tied to the profile rather than the Xbox console and I would like for him to have access to the REQ Packs, since it was his christmas present and I won’t be playing it much anyway.

Is there away I can transfer the Req Packs to his xbox live profile? It would really make my and his christmas if this could be done. The Req Packs include:

Fotus-class armor
Multiplayer emblem
Dauntless visor

I appreciate your assistance with this.

I was wondering if anyone can offer some advise on this. My son is really disappointed and I would like very much to make him happy. Please help.

Sadly, there is no way to transfer these to another account. It is tied to the account which used them.

Yeah, Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I doubt they’ll be able to fix it :confused:

Absolutely stupid of Microsoft not to have an easy way to give req packs to family members. Pure laziness.