Transcendence and Katarila Station

I would like to present my two maps on my file share for play and testing. I have played them both but only a couple of times with other people. I will get up some pics next weekend but I am away from my xbox atm. But now file share is working… lets get to it!


Transcendence is a small symmetrical floating map of the sunny cliff side of ravine. It is a small map meant for 8 players or less. It has two levels and multiple ways of getting up and down. On map ordinance is a saw, scattershot and needlers (I think). It supports all standard game types apart from domination and extraction.

Katarila Station

This is a small-medium asymetrical map on impact with two opposing bases around a small asteroid. This map, although small has many routes and I believe it should play with about 6-10 players. The on map spawns are a central shotgun, two sticky det’s and a sniper for each team. (note: I am not 100% sure about weapon placement as I am away from my xbox.) This map supports all standard game types and even Dominion and extraction.

Both have a standard version suited for infinity play with ordinance and such and a “Classic” version with on map weapon spawns without ordinance. Classic maps have additional non power weapons around the map.


Please play, enjoy and leave a comment below!