Trailer analysis

1st we see a banshee, a new model, though we’ve seen it before, the halo summer mega bloks lineup.

2nd we see a d79 crash landing in a city

3rd, now as soon as he leaves the pelican take note of the floating building, confirming it isn’t human

We also se a lot of flying

And some realy fast sprinting

4th the scanner thing? No clue.

Then a ground pound.

If you look closely at the ghost we see a STORM elite on it.

And the H4 style kig yar

Thats all I got

Great analysis. :\

the scanner thing is VISR like in halo 3: odst

Add this to the list.

While in visor mode Locke is carry 14 nades. Yes, 14!!

You know VISR was already hinted at way back in the Beta…the Assault Rifle’s digital display has “VISR LINK” right above the ammo counter.

Good to see even more evidence. Always found it kinda funny that for such advanced battle armor ODSTs had it beat in terms of software functionality. I mean really ODSTs had VISR, Spartans had a flashlight. Bloody hell.