Traditionally ‘ugly’ armors you’d like to see return and/or get a design overhaul

Anyone got a favorite helmet/armor type that they really like, despite the general community consensus being that it’s extremely ugly? If so, do you want it to return in Infinite? And if so so, should it keep its original aesthetic or receive a design overhaul (similar to what happened with the Aviator and Soldier helmets)?

I personally want to see Mako return with a classic spin on it. I’m a huge shark fanatic and can’t get enough of anything that makes my Spartan look like one. Maybe this time, 343 can add a shark fin backpack to the armor set (since back accessories have become popular in MCC). :joy:

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I love security marathon 1 2 and infinity being somenof my first fps games.

The goblin gen 2 always did it for me 2 no idea why its heinous.
Hoped it would be seen as Default for created/banished Spartans.

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I would like to see Warrior make a comeback but give it a sharper look, or just make it look like G1 Optimus Prime in a way


I’m going to be very unpopular with this opinion, but I think the Seeker’s armor deserves a makeover and come back in Halo Infinite with an amazing design.

  • Pioneer from Halo 4 and 5
  • Seeker from Halo 5
  • Raider from Halo 4/5
  • Protector from Halo 4/5
  • Legionnaire from Halo 5
  • Vanguard from Halo 4/5
  • Fotus from Halo 4/5 (Not traditionally ugly but would love to see the design updated to fit Halo Infinite)
  • Ranger from Halo 4/5
  • Stalker from Halo 4/5 (The idea of an armour designed to resemble brute armour was cool but would love to see it lean into it more and with a banished theme.

Seeker for sure! But I’m torn about whether I want it updated or kept original. There’s something fun about winning in FFA and forcing everyone to watch the ugliest Spartan ever staunch them.

Mako is a really cool one, especially the Chthonic variant with the teeth on the helmet. I would love to see a Mako helmet that lets us choose a visor color! Not being able to see my visor was my biggest issue with the helmet.


Mako Chthonic because Fish People.

Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtag.

I eould definitely say that Olive and Timmy helmet are obvious candidates for helmets that should return in later Halo games with unchanged appearance.

Both of these Helmets are absolutely phenomenal despite the laugh inducing appearance. In addition to that, who doesn’t like pigs or whales?

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