Traditional scoring

Who wants traditional scoring back? Also the medals look like they’re in an awkward place.

pre alpha = Many bugs and Placeholders :wink:

We don’t really know how the scoring will be and if the scoring in the version we saw was from a particular gametype (I know it said BR slayer)or if they plan to make all the scoring like this. There will be classic Halo playlists in the game so I’m guessing that includes the score going to the classic 50. Only time will tell.

The build in the first look video was about 3 weeks old so anything could have changed since then. I’m sure 343 will be sure to make the hud as little annoying as possible.

ME. But no one can be sure traditional scoring has actually been taken out yet; the gameplay in the first look video was a ‘mash up of lots of gametypes’ so the new scoring method with points for medals could be (probably will be in my opinion) just one gametype. The medals do also liek they’re in an awkward place but it might not be liek that in the final finished game

> pre alpha = Many bugs and Placeholders :wink:


I do.

But as far as we know, the new system might actually be better.