Trading REQ cards

I play Halo 5 with a bunch of friends and we all have different playing styles. My buddies unlock all the weapons and vehicles that I like to use and vice versa. Add Spartan company REQ card trading!

This is actually a fun idea.

I thought about it, but actually it would create a lot of annoying situations.

Some examples.

  1. a guy in a Spartan Company has many many many weapons and already has armor, visor, ecc which he likes to use, so he uses RP to buy many power weapons. Then he(or she of course) starts giving them to his/her friends, which have far less time to play. You have a whole team with many power weapons already.
  2. you have a very unique armor and a guy in your SC starts annoying you to ask if you want to trade it. But you like it a lot. He stalks you all the time.
  3. other GB of download for this huge update :stuck_out_tongue:
  4. this way everyone could accomplish what he/she’s looking for in less time, with the result that many people could stop playing and H5 would be empty in no time

Et cetera

I’d say its a good idea, but only for non-permanent unlocks.

i love this idea, this is something i wish they would hav added to destiny, i love bungie but there were to many problems with that game

Initially this seems like a good idea, but eventually it ends up creating a black market for REQ cards. Maybe your suggestion could work for non-permanent req cards, but what’s worth trading that isn’t permanent? No trade market is probably better.

A trading system sounds good in theory, but it will take away from the game. This REQ systems technically keeps players coming back and playing the game. It gives the play something to strive for.

Something similar to EA’s Ultimate team trading would be welcome in my opinion, they seem to have it spot on for FIFA at least