trading for any other codes.

I have the exclusive Forest Armor code up for grabs, also the arctic battle rifle skin. Haven xbl theme code , and a xbox live ghost avatar prop. all up for grabs, trading for other codes : D

1.Forest Armor code.

  1. arctic battle rifle skin

  2. xbl Haven theme code

4 xbl ghost avatar prop.

i have these 4 codes if interested, send me a message on my xbl gamertag


i Messaged you Buddy.

i have Full LE copy Codes

Season pass , ar skin ETC

I have the assassin emblem, UNSC avatar T-shirt and the red spartan avatar armour. Interested in any of those…?

And I have the codes to the Haven Theme, Ghost Prop, and Bone Break emblem… if anyone wants those.

But since I don’t want to hijack the Op’s thread with my stuff, talk to him first. When his stuff is gone we can talk.