Trading double XP for stuff!

Since the Trading Post has been shut down, I can’t go there to do this. Which sucks.

Anyway, basically, I’m looking to “gift” people some Double XP in exchange for stuff. Doesn’t have to be anything like the FOTUS stuff, but something half-decent would be nice, like pre-order bonuses or something.

Currently, I have a little over 30 games I am able to gift. However, I receive more double XP codes almost daily, so from today until…well, they stop doing it, I will be “gifting” double XP games to pele, in exchange for some stuff.

“Why is she giving it to other people instead of using it on herself?!” you may ask. Well, to tell you the truth…it’s because last night, I hit the limit (200) of games I am allowed to apply the double XP to. Most of the games were gifted to me, so no - I did not purchase 200 games worth of Doritos and/or Mountain Dew.

If interested, feel free to send me a private message, or you can message me on Xbox Live about it. Either way works, as I am currently playing Halo 4 anyway.

I only have assassin emblem if youre interested.