Trading Cards

My friend and I were opening my greatest hits pack the other day when I got his dream helmet (locus edge), he later got my dream armor (shinobi) and this got us thinking. People hate the req system because there is practically no way to control what you get and you end up with a huge vault of armors, loadouts, etc. you never use, so why can’t they work like trading cards. We swap those armors, or I get some new DMRs in exchange for an assasination. Or even, my company would kill me, trade my Achilles for a bunch of Hannibal scorpions. Unless you’re a stock broker this would add a level of skill needed to acquire valuable reqs to trade and make your goals more possible.

This could easily be abused by friends who are a low level and a high level.

Not bad of an idea except people could exploit it by creating different accounts to get reqs and sell Achilles armor is not great as the people wouldn’t work hard enough to get it.