Toxic Wolves are on the Hunt!

Greetings Spartans. We at the Toxic Wolves are recruiting both casual and competetive gamers a like. Feel free to check out our page and hit me up with any questions or concerns. Keep the fight going Spartans.

Shadow WolfieII
Co-leader of Squad Delta
Colonel of the Toxic Wolves

I will like to know more details about your clan, for example, how many people you got and what is your main game mode being Arena or Warzone

We play Warzoneand arena equally. We have 30+ members, but that is info you could find on the Company page, as well as other information.

Yeah I know, but I always like to ask just in case there is something else. Either way thank you for the response. And one more thing, are you in pursuit of the Aquilles armor?

We are working towards it, but it is notaprimary goal. We do have a good portion of commendations at level 3 and 4

Thank you again. I will check for more information in your company’s page.

Can I join ?

Yes you may!