Toxic players in Halo are just...Toxic

So I am a casual player. I usually do pretty decent. I have a 1.4 KD ratio, and 50 50 I’ll pull the team on Quickplay. So I finally decided to buy the Anubis gear because why not. During the match two players kept finding me and killing me and teabagging me. Nothing too bad there, I’m cool with that, and probably have done something similar. Then after the match ended, they messaged me on Xbox harassing me about purchasing gear and how bad I sucked at Halo. Keep in mind, casual player. I have a life, a wife, kids, work, and a slew of other things to keep me from being “sweaty”.

Why are people like this?

I’m just glad it was me and not my son. Now I have to turn off messaging from people not my friends, which further restricts making new friends to game with. I’d already met one from Flights to play with.


Jealousy mainly, I get a lot of hateful messages on Xbox. Some nice ones too but a lot more hateful ones.

Always from the enemy team. Stay frosty kiddos.

I’ve found that either replying LOL, I don’t care, or this is why no-one wants to date you usually makes them furious. Large portion of the time I don’t reply. I imagine you do have to be some special kind of social pariah to message offensive or abusive stuff to someone over a video game.


It’s because they’re not playing in person, so they know they can get away with more stuff then they would normally due to online anonymity. This personal also teaches everyone he talks to that they can also get away with it in most situations so his traits spread like a disease.

This was one of the problems with gaming becoming more popular over the years, because people didn’t act like this at all back when I started playing Quake 1 online mid 1990’s. Think matchmaking set ups are also part to blame, where people frequented the same people when everyone relied on community server lists to play games, where people would normally pick favorites and stick with those. In matchmaking you almost never bump into the same person over and over again, you see new people every single game. Raising the chances of running into other people like this for frequently. The last being the lack of online moderation, where community servers ( at least good ones ) usually had a moderator or admin to keep bad players off of their servers.


You’re supporting a bad system but purchasing an armor set for $20. That’s why. Personally, they’re not getting a dime from me until they come down on prices and fix the horrible customization.


I think I found one of the people that targeted you ^


i found the whales ^


You assume because I disagree with the morality of his purchase I’m out harassing him on Xbox Live?


Well that’s the reason those guys targeted him.


So I make enough money to live comfortably. All in all, I’d love to see them add more stuff to the store, like several dailies, several weeklies. And because I worked my -Yoink!- off for 20 plus years, I now make enough money to say, ya know what, I’m gonna get that. Because overall, the prices are a little high, sure, but it’s almost on par with every other game out there, and guess what, it’s my money to do with as I please. If that means buying a skin or coating I like once in awhil, so be it.


I just shake my head a move on, sending messages and harassing an individual is a bit extra, however, he gets what he gets. 343 not gonna change the system till they stop making money. People buying and spending rn are literally messing it up for everyone else. It’s just wild people are willing to take a bad deal because they have no impulse control.


No. I personally don’t. I tend to err on the side of there being good in humanity and people who are pointlessly mean were probably abused or had something traumatic happen to them and that’s their way of lashing out. I feel sorry for them.


So what? Move on with your day, they don’t matter and are probably mad mom wouldn’t buy them the armor, too. Block em and make a separate kid account for your son.


For you to assume I have no impulse control is like someone assuming you are one of the people who harasses online


This is 100% the reason why btw.

Not saying it’s right or wrong but this IS the reason.


I wasn’t even talking to you, but yeah, if you can’t bear to go without an armor in a video game even though it’s $20, yeah, you have no impulse control. That’s just not a wise purchase.


He has a separate account that only friends can message him on. But my xbox and tv are in the living room, so I have voice chat turned off and now I have messaging turned off. Sad I have to resort to that.

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I liked it. Therefor it was wise to me to purchase it.


Dude come to my house and let me know if you see anything you like then. I’ll gladly sell you my stuff for 10x the value.


I kinda miss the days when people were always toxic on Xbox 360 to where you just expected it and were prepared to start some banter back and forth with some random for like an hour, or in pregame and postgame lobbies, still just arguing over literally nothing, because Xbox Live. Now that the world started forcing people to stop being toxic, when it does happen, people are just taking it more seriously than it needs to be. You just reply back “Poor people be like” or “I’ll ask your mom to give you some money for you”.

All in all, just enjoy your cosmetics and enjoy the game. Life is stressful enough, and most of us just want to unwind after work or on our days off, and have some fun on Halo like we have been doing for around 20 years now. Let people be mad.


That’s a little forward of you. But that’s not how it works.

343 set prices. I say ok, I think those are reasonably fair for what I want to purchase, based off of a reasonable person standard, which in your case might be different.

If I show up to your place and you try to sell me oven mitts for 80 bucks, I’ll laugh. That’s not reasonable, TO ME.