Toxic Community

I am an avid FPS gamer and have been hooked by Halo ever since the day the Original Xbox launched back in 2001. Over the years I have noticed an increase in undesirable teammates who I “fondly” refer to as “-Yoinking!- Randos” (Randoms). With the Master Chief Collection there has been a drastic increase in this unfortunate demographic and it is harmful to the general and core player base. I don’t experience this problem in games such as Titanfall, Counter Strike, Gears, or even CoD the way I do in Halo. I have come to the sad conclusion that Halo has the most toxic team killing community around.

It looks like halo 5 Warzone wants to curb this issue, but it would be nice if users playing MCC plagued by troll players had more control over removing them from the game. Having to be killed three times in a single match is crazy annoying. I know that lowering that threshold could be misused when a betrayal does accidentally occur; however, when a player tosses nade after nade it would be cool if the community could forcefully remove that user immediately. 2 out of 3 games I die more from friendly fire because I picked up an asset that a “friendly” low charisma player wants. It is at that point I’m guaranteed a couple nades and wipe up shots to ensure that I am thoroughly relieved of said asset. I want to have the ability to remove this individual immediately after this happens. I’m not going to shoot back as I don’t think that solves anything when team cohesion and victory is my goal. I don’t feel that the current punishment is severe or swift enough to curb this behavior.

Please 343i, don’t let your core demographic down.

The current punishment is most definitely not severe or swift enough to curb the behavior. And it won’t be fixed at this stage of the game. Sorry to say.

I applaud your decency and sportsmanlike behavior in trying to remain focused on the win… but let me just be the devil on your shoulder here for a minute. Make that -Yoink!- your mission in life for the rest of the game until he boots you or quits. If these people were given to understand that their match is over the second they pull a stunt like this then they might think twice about doing it again. Since I play primarily for k/d rather than victory, such a player has in fact already ruined my match and I have no compunction whatsoever about seeing to it that he does not get a single kill for the rest of the game, with the weapon he stole or the weapons with which he respawns. Yes, it’s petty. Yes, it’s not contributing to the larger goal of winning. Yes, I’m a shallow and vain person. But it’s soooooooo worth it.

I notice this a lot too. The reason people do this is because they know they can, with no repercussions. If you don’t care about k/d then what i’d do is just run around making them constantly one shot so they die over and over, make it your mission to make their experience as bad as they make yours.

Maybe your becoming part of the problem, but at the end of the day your not the one who went into the game with the intention of ruining it for someone else, and having it done to them is the only way some people will realise how much of a pain in the -Yoink- they’re being. It’s just inconsiderate people being inconsiderate, and trying to have a laugh at your expense. The other option is block anyone you find who betrays or does anything to troll you, that way you dont have to play with them again, can’t hurt to report them either, i always do, and believe me lots of us use the report feature, so if they keep doing it they lose rep (although i feel that they dont really care in the first place.) tbh the rep system is a joke but thats a post for another day. Hope this helps!

I agree

The same.