Tower 3 Story Bug Invisible Wall Fix this 343

I’ve been working hard recreating Halo 2’s Lockout into Halo 4 by using my Halo Reach design.

I’ve pretty much finished my design only to find out that the Tower 3 Story forge item is bugged.

This bug blocks bullets and bounces back grenades with an invisible wall which is unfixable.

Click here for the location of the invisible wall.

This simple bug is preventing me from releasing my map.

Click here to see my Forgehub preview post.

I hope 343 spends the time to fix this issue as well as all of the other issues people are experiencing.

I was just in the middle of my remake of Lockout (coincidentally, also on Impact, though on the other side of the asteroid I think) and I just found this glitch. 343 definitely needs to fix this, or I’ll go nuts, since it would take an insane number of pieces to rebuild the BR Tower without sacrificing too much in other parts of the map.

343, FIX THIS NOW, PLEASE! I can’t believe something like this made it through to release, especially since all you guys did was re-skin every damn object from Reach. WTH?

Insanity, I saw your preview thread on Forgehub, and I must say it looked incredible. Did those pics still have dynamic lighting? Or was it turned off because of Theater? (another thing you need to patch, 343. Jesus Christ…) How much budget did you use, and how many blocks/walls/etc do you have left? If you wanted, I could help re-do the BR Tower, because I’d hate for you to not be able to enter this map in the contest if 343 doesn’t fix this in time. We need a good Lockout remake.

I literally have no budget left to spare.

I got rid of dynamic lighting by creating a ceiling which created a better feeling for the map.

Sadly, I think I’ll just hope for them to fix this bug and not release the map until they do.

Yeah that glitch is very annoying.

BTW Your map looks great, would I be able to download this?

I have a design for a BR Tower floating around in my head, one that shouldn’t take too much budget or too many pieces, and still look good. I’ll see what I can do on a blank map, and if you wanted to upload your map for a little bit, so I could see just how much budget you have left, or what could be done to free up a few pieces without negatively impacting what you have so far, that’d be cool. Because as long as it’s taking 343 to fix even the issues in matchmaking, I wouldn’t trust them to fix the tower piece anytime in the near future, tbh.

check my fileshare for a remake of lockout.

Actually, I just tried the replacement tower, and it ended up using way more parts than I anticipated, and didn’t feel right. This map may be completely un-do-able until the tower gets fixed…

I think you’re completely right darkprince.

Creating the BR tower always uses way too many pieces.

I wish I could release my Lockout but this bug is way too gamebreaking.