Tournaments inside the game

I forgot where I heard this from but I remember hearing about tournaments and events coming to the game as a feature. I always wanted a system like this because I didn’t like how many hoops you had to jump through to compete. I think it’ll be a great way to stream line the experience.

There should be.

A team system where you can name your team and have specific leader boards for the team.

There should be weekly and Monthly tournaments and even small daily ones if they could do it.

There should be 4v4, 2v2 and FFA on these leader boards.

Idk about about playing for money inside the game. People might look at it as gambling but this feature would be nice too. People already do it In customs. Why not have a feature to stream line that process.

There should be plays of the week or something of that nature that shows up on the menu when you click the would be tournament tab.

Any know any more information on this? I can’t find where they mentioned this


Plays of the week? Screenshots of the week? Wait I thought you were talking about Bungie for a second. Bro this is 2021 and it’s Halo Infinite developed by 343. I’m so very sorry :frowning:

Are you saying they wouldn’t do plays of the week or something like that ? I mean it would be a cool feature even outside competitive

Nah lol was being a smarty pants because Bungie used to promote plays of the week, screenshots of the week, and offer communication regarding the game weekly. 343 cannot even communicate enough for fans or to fix their game… that was The Joke here. I’m sorry, your idea sounds nice but it will never happen with these guys. You know what will fix this and make your dreams come true? A server list with Dedicated Server support. Halo PC back in the day had it’s own Halo PC Tournaments ran by fans… it wasn’t perfect but it was something… and perfect (in it’s own way).

Edit: Halo PC tournaments (HPT) was an officially ran website by fans and it was great.

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I know Bungie was designing a tournament feature early on because I heard it in a recent podcast, which I’m sure you saw me mention about in another post. I’m not sure if 343i had plans for a tournament feature, though.

I’m imagining something more like a game mode with a whole section of settings that can be set for Customs and Matchmaking. It can be ranked or social. You don’t need a team to go in for Matchmaking. Something along the lines of Fall Guys where teams or players get eliminated after each round.

As far as leaderboards, I’m not so sure how that would work for Matchmaking, outside of each individual having a rank just like any other playlist. But, 3rd-parties could use Customs if they want tournaments.

Anyway, I’ve always liked this idea.

Also, Puckett is still doing his Top 5 plays on twitter and tiktok :grin:

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Ohhh. Yeah that’s true for sure. I actually forgot that used to be a thing back then. Man we were spoiled back then weren’t we.

You come from that time? Ohhhhh… you actually know about it? Hah remember we had to record our matches with fraps and that literally F’ed our FPS lol.

Technically something like this would have its own tab so idk how leader boards and things like that would work either. They would have to create an entire spereate section.

I also think there should be a true rank system where you have to play in a tournament and if you win you get the rank #1 or 2 or whatever you placed at and it would show next to your name until the next toruanemt comes about

this would be great, I think money could be involved strictly if there is sponsors/maybe a small % of sales go towards these and this would also help get viewership from people hosting these tournaments. (this would include an obs feature for casters etc.) this could be a really big play by them if they do it correctly.

Yeah. It has to be done carefully because money is involved but it could be huge. It’ll be a way for small time teams and players to start making money off playing without having to leave the game menu.

I always wanted it to be like this.

Let’s say there is an FFA. 8 people join. Each person pitches in a dollar or some small amount and the winner gets the pool of money. This would be a self sustaining feature and it wouldn’t have to be funded. It would fund itself

All you would need are moderators and things like that, Quake Pro League does most of it’s stuff from home and has a similar setup (much smaller pro league lol). But it would be something like that… as for money I’m sure small amounts like $500-$3000 could be direct deposited into one or multiple accounts after the government steals it’s 30% of course :slight_smile: