Tournament/join the clan

Ok I most a tournament tonight nine pm est time beside who wants to join nnm2

Hit my gt up it Pittbullmatt117

hit you up for my 8v8

U not invited Orion pax.

as in clan match me kid

> 2533275032588322;5:
> as in clan match me kid

Frist a kid is under 18 second u can’t tell 30 from 18 then u need go back to school

U talk about clan u got not many second on ur company u got one so before you say match maybe you need get more people then come talk to me

check my website little boy

U all talk the little boy is u . Let me know when you grow up

What the hell…

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Oh no it a SIV kid, tell me do you still put out “Hits” on other clan leaders? :laughing::laughing::laughing: