Tournament - HaloCommunity Paintball is unleashing the next amazing Halo Reach Tournament for you in the form of PAINTBALL! That’s right we have tweaked some amazing maps that will be perfect for a paintball tournament. Charge up your pistol, and get ready to have a blast!

The tournament will play host to a best of three game series, where each game is a 5-round (one life per round) speedflag paintball game. Each round is a one minute lightning round, with 30 second sudden death, if the flag is being held. Flag does not have to be home to score. The carrier is fast but cannot jump high, and is weaker than all other players.

Halo: Reach paintball is all about the plasma pistol! A normal kill is one Overcharged plasma, or two pellet shots. With only one life, teammates will re-spawn in a host-box of sorts, with ability to see the field and call out for any living teammates. There’s no time to camp, so you better make your shots count! Gametype and Map settings will be downloadable from HC Deja’s fileshare, no later than a week before the tournament.

Our winning team of 4 will be taking home 1600 MS Points EACH, and other prizes may be scattered about throughout the tournament crowd! This tournament will take place on September 15, 2012. FREE to enter, sign up now! Signup information and all details on!

I should mention this tournament begins at 7PM EST. (Did I say it was FREE?)

Last week for signups! Tournament is next weekend!

Sundown :smiley: I didnt know you were on here. Ill probably signup for the paintball thing.

The maps for tournament play have been officially released, and are available on Deja’s file share:

Ok everyone this tourny is gonna be great i have signed up and played the maps a few times it is a little different but for you veterans of halo and even other noobs like me you can pick up the gameplay after just a few rounds! sign up and join the party!! here is a link to the tourny and anything you need to know is either on this page or there are links to the info you will needgood luck and cant wait to see you on the field! :slight_smile:

I assume we can still register

Registration is still open! Space is limited, might want to find your 4 friends, and sign up today!

Signups will remain open for 3 more hours, gameplay begins at 7PM EST!