Tournament based Machinma

Hi, I’m writing this article because I need some help, a series im trying to write there are going to be 5 main characters, a teaser image has been posted on this page I need help for a few things, Originally I only needed help with sorting out armor schemes for the other 4 main characters but thinking about it now, I’l probably need voice actors too, so if you feel like helping out then add me on skype (Liam_Goodyear)

Could people help me determine the look of the characters, each character has their own look so armor cant be similar to each other unless color is different, the characters are

  • Ranged
  • Driver
  • agility
  • Heavy Weapons

If you have any ideas what they might look like then please comment with either a picture or a written description of armor pieces and color schemes.

This machinima will be somewhat Visual effects related as i would like to add elements to make this series unique, im not very good with organizing things so i cant really comment much on the current status accept for ive written out some of the first episode and planned some of the visual effects and cant wait till I start so I can get these done!

As well as the armor, comment what you would think of a machinima would implement small visual effects, like HUD effects, thats the only effect i can really mention as i still need to think of more visuals, well as its a tournament there will be score boards and rosters, if you look at the headder in the facebook page that is in the link above you will see a teaser of one of the visual effects, and you can proably guess why the other 4 characters are grayed out and have the same armor… thanks for reading and I hope I have your interest.