Toughts on Infinite and What I Want to See Changed/Improved

I want to start this off by saying the Core arena experience is there, and it’s really fun. Infinite appears to handle its core experience really well and I’m happy to see that it does. Aside from certain gripes that I’m going to talk about, and I can say in those moments where I can throw them aside, I’m happily able to say I can see the potential in Infinite and what value it holds. Just note I recognize Halo traditionally as an arena game, so I’ll be speaking from that perspective.

The new BTB is really cool and overall adds to the experience, but it’s not the primary mode I enjoy and it can get old quickly if I play too much at one time. My tip for this if you do want to enjoy it more, try getting a sizable squad together, the closer to twelve, the better :slight_smile:.

Here are some things I think need to be changed or improved:

  • Player choice: As it currently stands you have no control over what modes you match into, so I would like a more fleshed out matchmaking system that allows you to pick which game modes you get. This especially applies to quick play (social) because I’ll very frequently get Objective modes and everyone’s trying to get kills and complete challenges instead of getting the obj.

  • Progression: Speaking of challenges, having progression purely on challenges, especially hard to achieve challenges, is simply not a good way to do progression, f2p or not. Having a system like per-match EXP which rewards you when you finish a match would be good to offset this. Bonus points if it rewards winning, performance, and other achievements. And if challenges are completed during the same match, you can add the challenge EXP on top of the in-game earned EXP. This could make progression less atrocious for a lot of Spartans.

  • Vehicles: Some of the vehicles feel really wonky with some just being underpowered. I love the ghost, it reminds me of how the ghost played in CE. I’m pretty satisfied with where it’s at. Wasp is really good at harassing the opposing team, Banshee is underpowered (for me at least) and can’t do enough, Warthogs feel strange to drive especially when turning. There’s also moments where they should roll over but they don’t so it’s weird. I haven’t tried the Wraith or Scorpion yet so I can’t talk about those. Some of the vehicles definitely need some work.

That’s about all I’ll share right now. Feel free to discuss, you could also ask me about what I think about a certain part of the game if you want to know my thoughts on it. I’ve been playing since CE.