Total time played... oh come on!

Back in July I posted that my total time played suddenly was way off - it was somewhere around 100 hours, and suddenly started reporting as about 30 hours. Not a game breaking bug, I know, but annoying. So I hoped it would be fixed in the next patch. I kept playing, so the false 30 number got up to around 60.

So now, with the Yap Yap patch, my 60, which should be more like 130, now reports as 23. They actually made it worse. Come on, there, Devs, is time played really that complex of an issue? I know you’ve got bigger problems to deal with, based on reading other posts, but this seems like it could be fixed in about 2 minutes.

For the record, I play on both PC and Xbox, so I’m guessing that’s part of the problem. Anybody else? It can’t just be me…