Tossing in my Opinion

It’s hardly going to change anyone’s minds, or bring peace to the forum, but what the heck. So, Halo 4 info. Not going to bother relaying it yet again, because I’m sure everyone who cares enough to read this already knows it.

Now, a lot of people are upset. Which makes a lot of other people upset. And as far as I know, 343 has been totally silent through all of this.

Here’s the thing. Change, can be good. Halo 2 added a lot to the existing formula from Halo CE. Dual-wielding, vehicle boarding, the BR among other weapons, and XBL online play. And look what happened! Halo 2 ended up being my favorite game of the series!

But there’s a flipside to that. Change made for the sake of change isn’t necessarily a good thing. Of course I don’t want Halo to stay the exact same game! It never has before, why would it now? The thing is, Halo can change while still being Halo.

In my opinion, Reach moved away from being Halo. It was still Halo, but not the Halo I wanted. With me so far?

I’m not going to say 343 is trying to emulate CoD, because that is an excuse to not explain myself, and my feelings. My issues with the changes made to Halo are not because some of them look suspiciously like things that already exist in other games (like Call of Duty). They’re partially because I think that 343 is missing the point a bit.

It really seems like they’re trying to cater to a wider audience. And that’s cool, I get it. Companies need money and all that. But Halo has never NEEDED to cater to a wider audience to be a smash! Why are we starting now? Because there’s more competition in the market? Maybe. But it’s a fine line. If you try to cater to a different audience, you risk alienating the audience you’ve had all along. Look at DmC. You can have whatever opinions you want on it, but you cannot deny that the outcry over that game has been massive since the day it was announced.

I really don’t want to play more Halo 3, guys. I don’t even want to play more Halo 2. I want to play Halo 4, and I want it to do -Yoink- things that we’ve never seen in a Halo game before! But I don’t want to have to give up the core of competitive Halo to do it. Why should any of us have to make that sacrifice?

The game is changing, my friends. That is clear. And a lot of those changes are going to change the way Halo is played COMPLETELY. Everyone’s not going to be spawning on even footing anymore, for example.

You know, maybe it’ll be awesome. It really might be. I haven’t played it. But is this really something that we want to just jump into without thinking? Because there’s really no going back from it. Halo 4 is going to decide the future of the series, and it’s in 343’s hands. Are we REALLY ready to change everything we know Halo to be?

Instead of moaning back and forth over whether or not change itself is good, I think we need to step back and ask, “Are THESE the changes that we DO want?” For me, it’s not about hating change. I just want to make sure the game I love isn’t lost in translation.

So, what does this mean for me personally? I’ve bought every Halo game on release date thusfar, and haven’t been entirely disappointed yet. I had a lot of issues with Reach, but enjoyed it anyways. Halo 4 is going to be the deciding factor on my continued love of the series. But it’s also more than that.

YEARS ago, I purchased a console known as an Xbox to play a little game called Halo: Combat Evolved. It has defined and helped shape my gaming experience for 10 years now. And now, it’s going to shape it again. Because, as much as I hate to say it, Halo 4 is going to be the deciding factor on whether or not I purchase the next Xbox.

I really hope 343 can pull it off, and make Halo 4 a killer, monster tasty game. I’m going to try to stay optimistic. But I think, the community needs to stop dividing on the crap we’ve been arguing about since Halo 3, and come together to decide whether or not this is what we want the series to become, and try to make peace with it.

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Just bumping once to get this up where people can read it over the other rage topics.


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I prefer CE and then Halo 3 when it comes to multiplayer, both over Halo 2 and Reach. However, I’m buying this game for campaign as many will. We will give the multiplayer a change bro, but all indications is it will not be halo, but cod in space.

I thought this would be a spam thread with that title :open_mouth: