Torso/Legs not visible unless at 78 FOV

One of the things I love about Infinite is being able to hear the bassy heavy footsteps of chief, or rocks and dirt moving as you slide, the HUD moving when you sprint. All this detail to make you feel like you’re in the suit yourself. Yet you can’t see your legs or torso unless its at default 78 FOV. This carries over to multiplayer as well. What is the point of spartan customization if you can’t see this part of it. Most people won’t play at exactly 78 degrees of FOV if given the option to make it higher.

I’ve reported it as an issue to the team but from what I was told it was intentional to remove it at higher FOV settings. I know for some it’s not a big deal and hardly the biggest issue for Infinite but one of the things that made games like Halo so good was the attention to detail and to small details like that. Other games allow you to see your body at much higher FOVs and so do previous Halo titles.

Really hoping this can get traction or to get peoples thoughts on this as I’m sure others have noticed.

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There are a couple of threads on this. Below is the later one. Can’t find the other one.

Appreciate it, hope more posts are made or get popular but seems like a knick pick so I won’t hold my breath.

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