Tornado. Symmetrical map inspired by Narrows

Hi there. I’ve not had a great deal of experience with the forge but I was playing around with it over the past few days and came up with my latest map, Tornado.
This is a small to medium symmetrical map inspired by the classic map Narrows. It features dual man cannons on either side which allow you to overlook the central raised platform and rocket spawn. The similarities end there and the rest of the map is a combination of enclosed corridors, open bridges and lookout towers. The map currently supports most game types, Slayer, CTF, KotH, Oddball and Extraction. The map has initial ordinance of Rockets x1 Sniper x2 Needler x2 Shotgun x2 Sticky Detanator x2 along with various grenades. All weapon drops are symmetrical and balanced both teams have fair access to them. There are random ordinance drops on the map too. I’ve not had much chance to playtest it yet to find out what works and what doesn’t .The man cannons are blocked off on CTF since it makes the flag run a little too easy.

The map is in my file share.

I would love for the community to test it and give me some feedback, good or bad, I can take criticism. As I said I’m fairly new to forging, the only way we learn is trial and error.

Many thanks for reading this
The Petay

i may take a look at it but i already noticed a problem, too many power weapons snipes/rocket/shotguns/sticky dets and needlers?

never have 2 snipers in one map it creates imbalance where people can easily obtain something they are good with without contesting for it only have 1. And for the rocket unless its a big map (im talking Ragnarok big) then never have rockets and snipers together for if the map is big then snipers win every time or if the map is small rockets win.(that is why rockets never last on Ragnarok) Choose one main power weapon and place it in an area people will have to learn to contest over the weapon.

as for shotty and sticky dets, same thing choose one main weapon and let people fight for control and since you said tight corridors use the shotty imo.

keep the needlers in but dont have them symmetrical, place them where people will randomly find them ensuring a backup plan when their ammo runs low. And as for the symmetrical thing same goes for the power weaps. keeping weapons symmetrical looses game flow and promotes camping until that weapon respawns near their base/spawn to gain advantages, what you want is people to flow from one area to another between spawns fighting for control (that’s the main reason people hate on random ordinance drops where it promotes camping)

And finally have a theme. dont just throw your fav weaps into a map, rely on making it balanced to the players EX. lets say you choose snipe as one of your power weapons, the shotty would be a good counter in a tight area shooter making snipers react quick to get kills rather than sitting back, but if you had the sticky det it would be too easy to just shoot passed the sniper and kill without ever revealing yourself, But if you had rockets and sticky dets then it would equal out to who can skillfully attack and dodge to nab the kill. see where this is going?

all in all you have to create flow within the game to ensure people contest, rotate, protect, think and control. ill test the map and give feedback later

Thank you for the reply.
I understand what your trying to say, I did feel the amount of starting weapons was a bit excessive but when I finished the map it just seemed empty in places. The position of the rocket launcher causes teams to move into an exposed position to control it and the sniper rifle at the back of each base doesn’t have a dominating grasp on the map due to its multi tiered nature.

Let me know what you think after you have tested it, I have yet to do any actual play testing myself outside of 1v1.

Edit: I’ve removed one of each shotgun and sticky det. I’ve placed the remaining shotgun and sticky dets in neutral territory. This leaves one sniper at the back of each spawn, one needler at the front of each spawn, then rockets top mid and shotgun and sticky det on the lower side bridges. All random ordinance are in and around the neutral zones of the map. Revised version now in the file share.


I tried out your map a day or two ago but I’m pretty new to Forge as far as competitive maps go (did some custom maps in 3 but barely touched Reach), so this is all basically coming from a novice.

It definitely reminds me of Narrows (A little smaller maybe?) and I like how clean everything is (edges match up pretty well and I haven’t gotten caught on any walls or floor cracks.

I did find that having two power weapons side-by-side (I think it was a sticky detonator and another weapon, sniper or needler, can’t remember) was kinda weird though. I’m use to them being in areas where you’d have to travel a good distance to get or you’d have to fight over them with the other team, and I’ve never seen two of them so close.

I imagine skirmishes would occur at the bridges, but since both sides have access to power weapons, neither would be motivated to cross onto the other side, and would just stick to sniping or spamming the sticky rounds and then ducking behind cover when their shields are down. I haven’t actually tested the map in an actual game though, so I can’t say for sure that’s how it would turn out.

I hope I provided some useful info for you.^^

Thanks for the feedback. I have modified the map over the past few days, adding support for FFA game types and even put multi team spawns in. I’ve also moved the majority of the power weapons to the central zones of the map leaving both teams with just one sniper rifle on a long respawn timer. I opened up the sides of each base to the man cannons providing more routes in and out of the bases and added two more cannons that launch from the bridges to the top middle rocket spawn, creating more ways to get to the top area of the map.

As for the two power weapons spawning close by I think your referring to the two needles which are essentially back to back right in front of the red and blue spawns separated by the spinning generator. I wanted to create a sort of mad dash for the weapons but I sense the most likely outcome to be everyone from one team leaves them and one person from the enemy team could take both. The red and blue spawns are essentially open to each other from the start with just the generator blocking most of the corridor with gaps big enough for a spartan down either side. This route is obviously closed on CTF
I may tweak that area a bit and sort the weapon problem out.

Thanks again for your feedback please try my latest version and let me know what you think.


Been testing an tweaking my map and I’ve just uploaded Tornado v1.5 to my file share.

I also created a more traditional competitive version of the map for all you MLG junkies out there I’ve stripped away all the random ordinance and streamlined the power weapons. Then I added some standard weapons as map pickups. I’ve called it Tornado PRO v1.0.

As before I look forward to any and all feedback.

Ok I’ve done tweaking these maps until I’ve had chance to get some proper play testing and/or feedback.

Updated visuals to enhance gameplay and team callouts. At each end there is Red Base and Blue Base then the centre of the map is divided into the Yellow and Green sections.

Edit: thanks to SavageWoIf for pointing out a possible exploit on the map I’ve amended both versions of the map to resolve the issue.

Tornado v1.7
Initial Ordnance:
2x Sniper Rifle (one at back of each base) 150 sec respawn
1x Rockets (top centre of map) 120 sec respawn
1x Shotgun (centre bridge) no respawn
1x Sticky Det (other centre bridge) no respawn
2x Pulse Nade x2 (under base stairs) 60 sec respawn
2x Frag Nade x2 (under base stairs) 60 sec respawn
2x Plasma Nade x2 (front of each base) 60 sec respawn
1x Overshield (centre outside platform) 120 sec respawn
1x Damage Boost (centre outside platform) 240 sec respawn

Random Ordnance:
Railgun/Needler (at Shotgun spawn)
Fuel Rod/Incinerator/Scatter/Sticky Det (above Shotgun spawn)
Saw/Shotgun (at Sticky Det spawn)
Binary/Beam/Needler/Concussion (above Sticky Det spawn)
Energy Sword (above Blue spawn)
Gravity Hammer (above Red spawn)

Supports all game modes except Dominion, Flood and obviously Griffball. Map changes slightly for CTF to slow down the flag carrier and make it more of a challenge.

Some people will call me crazy for adding two power ups to the map on top of all the power weapons but the way I’ve designed it is to encourage fighting to go off in the centre rather than just camping and sniping from each base. The team that can control the very exposed centre of the map will get pick of all the better weapons.

Tornado Pro v1.3
Initial Ordnance:
1x Rockets (top centre) 150 sec respawn
1x Sniper Rifle (centre outside platform) 150 sec respawn
1x Sticky Det (centre outside platform) 150 sec respawn

Random Ordnance:
1x Overshield (bottom centre)

Map Weapons:
2x DMR (lookout towers at each base) 60 sec
2x BR (lookout towers at each base) 60 sec
2x Carbine (centre bridges) 60 sec
2x Boltshot (under base stairs) 100 sec
2x Plasma Pistol (under base stairs) 60 sec
2x Needler (above Red and Blue spawns) 120 sec
1x Assualt Rifle (top bridge) 60 sec
1x Storm Rifle (too bridge) 60 sec
2x Frag Nade (on base stairs) 45 sec
2x Plasma Nade (at man cannon) 45 sec
2x Pulse Nade (at man cannon) 45 sec

Supports MLG v1 for FFA, TS, CTF and Extraction.

For now these are my finished settings I wish I could post some screenshots or a video but unfortunately I don’t have the ability to do so.

Please try my map and let me know what you think.